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Sacred Awakening's Services

Breathwork, Counseling & Drum Making Workshops


How Can Sacred Awakening Be Of Service To Your Journey?

At Sacred Awakening based in Naples, ID, I provide a unique array of services, gifts, and tools. Sacred Awakening is a place where you can find unique handcrafted gifts such as earrings, handmade drums, unique woodworking pieces and much more. At its core, my focus with Sacred Awakening is on helping others along the path of embracing and loving oneself to the fullest and most deserved ability. Through honoring shamanic practices, I provide many services and resources that enable a journey to answer whatever riddle life has presented you, which is often life itself.

You may visit my online shop for shamanic tools such as drums, rattles, and shakers. You’ll also find tin ceremony kits as well as homemade earrings, and unique woodworking pieces.

Below you will find my services outlined in detail, but please reach out with any questions you may have about booking a Sacred Awakening breathwork ceremony, drum making workshop or for additional details on any of my offerings.


Sacred Awakening’s Shamanic Based Services & Tools

Breathwork, Counseling & Drum Making Workshops

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork

$95 per session for up to 2 hours

Conscious breathing is not done to move air, it is done to move energy. This style of breath work is a gentle yet powerful way to affect change in the body and all our systems. It is a bridge to accessing non-ordinary states of reality in which healing can occur outside of the linear mind. It increases oxygen levels, helps eliminate toxins, raises blood alkaline levels, calms mental chatter and increases vitality and clarity. And, many claim that they sleep so much better!

I am able to come to your studio or home depending on location, and the price will be dependent on the number of people participating. At my in-home studio in Naples, ID, the price is $95 per session for up to 2 hours.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Guided Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying

$95 per session for up to 2 hours

Done to live drumming and verbal guidance, a Shamanic journey is “riding the drum horse” into the invisible world of the non-ordinary reality in order to experience ourselves through a different lens of perception. The drumming facilitates a theta state in the brain, which is a deeply meditative and healing state of being. Through this change in consciousness, we are able to access our intuitive and spiritual guidance to use this wisdom in our daily lives, healing old wounds and traumas.

At your studio or home, the price will be dependent on the number of people. At my in-home studio, the price is $95 per session at up to 2 hours.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Drum Making Workshop

Drum Making Workshop

Price varies by location, # of participants, & materials

I teach a traditional method for making frame drums. Each workshop begins with blessings and gratitude, along with a conversation honoring origin, history, use, and care. Once made, the drums will sit or hang to dry for a full week, then we'll reconvene to “awaken” the drums together during a special ceremony.

This workshop can be done in groups of up to 8 people, either at your studio, home or in my home shop. Price is dependent on location, number of people, and which drum skins are chosen.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Guided Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling

$65 for 60 minutes or $95 for 90 minutes

Shamanic counseling is a one-on-one session that involves conversation and perhaps other modalities such as Shamanic journeying or breath work. Using ancient Shamanic concepts, we'll explore your limiting self-beliefs (masks) to reveal the habit patterns that are holding you back. You will gain tools for releasing those old ways, in conjunction with learning to see and feel the real you so that you can live your most authentic life!

Whether you come to my in-home office or we work via Skype or Zoom, prices are $65 for 60 minutes or $95 for 90 minutes.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Guided Shamanic Ceremony

Other Services & Ceremonies

Price varies by location, # of participants, & materials

I also provide many different kinds of ceremonies and would be so excited to create a special event specifically designed for your intentions. Whether for a group or a private session, this might include new and full moon ceremonies, women's circles, letting go or burning bowl, manifestation, Despacho, and sacred cacao ceremonies, to name a few.

Please click the button below to be in touch to discuss your particular needs and desires!


If you’re still unsure if a shamanic practice is something that can help you, please check out my blog space for a closer look at some of the benefits I have experienced. If you’re ready to get going, contact me here! Either way, I wish you peace and love today and all days.