The Importance of Breathing Well

The Importance of Breathing Well.jpg

Hearing the occasional student proclaim, "Breathwork is boring!", I have to smile a bit and usually think, "Breathing is boring? I guess you haven't tried living without it!"

Conscious breath is the key to thriving vs. surviving. It is what softens the rough edges of our already-frazzled nervous systems. It is what brings buoyancy to our carriage and posture. It is what sustains our time here on this great planet. We can find ways to live without the other senses, but once the breath goes, nothing else matters.

The ancient yogis believed that we were all karmically born with a certain number of breaths, and that when we reached that number, our time was up.

Clearly, we can't prove if there's any truth to that, but it really can't hurt to bring awareness to the quality of our breathing, right?

Being conscious of breath is like making beautiful music. When we breathe sweetly and fully through the flute of our bones, our spirit can sing its original Song. Today, I will breathe in love and breathe out poetry. With each inhale, I will fill my lungs in all three dimensions. With each exhale, I release that which keeps me bound. Breathing in, I know I am alive. Breathing out, I send gratitude for the gift of Life.

May you breathe deeply today, with consciousness and gratitude! Much love, many blessings, and bountiful breath!


Dolly Kaupp2 Comments