Prayers to Air

Prayers to Air.png

I awoke to the sweet sound and potent feeling of the wind this morning. She beckoned with her intoxicating song. As I lay in bed, I felt the words below ooze forth into my consciousness ...

Spirit of Wind and Air, Aho!

Please lift the veil of illusion I have so carefully crafted, like you might lift my skirt in a gesture of playful spontaneity. Show me what it means to live with authentic abandon and the carefree spirit of true freedom.

Let your hauntingly lovely howl inspire me to embody my own primal nature. Tempt me with your wildness until I become a whirling dervish of joy, scattering seeds of love in dancing spirals everywhere I go.

May you course through the empty canyons of my heart, stirring up the dust of the ancient bones I buried there long ago. Help me to witness the beauty within the brokenness, to be blinded by the maelstrom of light that streams in through the cracks.

Please fan the flames of the fire in my belly to keep it a roaring source of true power. Show me that I can unleash my own tempest and not be burned by it.

Caress my skin softly with your gentle breeze, and turn me inside out with your rapturous gusts. Reveal what truths I have kept safely locked within, those tiny treasures held tightly inside the sweaty fists of my fear.

Show me how to lean into life, trusting that I will be held. Teach me how to fly like you teach the baby birds bravely leaving the security of their nest for the first time. Hold us all up until our own wings are strong enough to sustain us, then send us beautiful lofts on which to float and play.

Spirit of the Wind and Air, Aho! All my gratitude for all you teach.