It is so easy to say "I want ... (fill in the blank)".

The problem with this is that wanting can be infused with attachment, despair and judgment, and it can be coming from the energy of lack and of desiring to fill a void that emptiness can leave. Clearly though, we do need to understand our heart's promptings and wishes if we are to evolve throughout our lives and move forward as spiritual beings having a human experience. Getting clear on our heart's desires is the first step, for sure. In fact, let's start with saying "I want ... (more fill in the blank)". Now, the wanting must be supported with the creation of an emotional landscape that will support the wanting! If we say we want to find true love but we walk around moping because we don't have it, that vibration is not exactly conducive to creating what our heart desires! We must shift how we feel in order to manifest the life we not only want but is our birthright!

Here is a simple sample breakdown (using happiness as the example):

1. Identify your Don't Wants ( "I don't want to be unhappy anymore" ).

2. Identify your Do Wants (" I want to be happy ").

3. Rephrase your Do Wants so they are not coming from a place of lack. ( "I want the happiness I have now in my life to expand and grow into ongoing, boundless joy." )

4. Get juiced up and jazzed for your newly rephrased Do Want. Close your eyes and repeat your phrase and ask yourself why you want it. Keep asking yourself why you want it, and each time the answer will take you just a little bit deeper into the feeling tone of the desire. Imagine yourself already there and dive deeply into how it makes you feel. Taste it, feel it, let it turn you on and light you up, drool over it, glow with the pure potentiality of it all. Feel your heart expand with knowingness! Literally SEE that you already have it and let that energy infuse your body with those gorgeous sensations. You are changing your physiology, so now your body / heart / mind / soul are vibrating with the kind of energy that will manifest your dreams.

This is not about denying that challenges exist or trying to just use positive affirmations alone to create the life we want. Affirmations by themselves are just empty words. It is about shifting the underlying feeling tone to match and support what we say we want. Our emotions are astonishingly powerful and are remarkable tools of creation. Use your mind to gain clarity on what you do want, and use your feelings and emotions to support the process! Find the things that bring you joy and make your soul sing and DO them! The more ways you allow yourself to be alive and vibrant, the more you will be connected to the astounding power of your emotions and be able to use them to create the life of your dreams!!! The truth is that we don't attract what we desire, we attract what we feel.

Sure, we're all human and will find ourselves on occasion in worry mode or focusing on what we lack. It's simply a practice of being aware and awake, so if you catch yourself having a human moment like this, please don't judge yourself! Notice it, honor it, then do everything you can to shift your perspective to the juicy feelings of what you DO want. Like anything else, the more you practice it, the easier it gets!

And if you want some fun reading on the subject, try "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. Super easy read and makes all of this information very accessible!

Happy manifesting, beloveds!!!

“Speak what you seek until you see what you said.” Author unknown


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