How Ecstasy is Different From Sex

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The word Ecstasy certainly has some interesting connotations attached to it.

I'll cut to the chase. Ecstasy is a state of BE-ingness that has absolutely no need to be equated with sex. Don't get me wrong ... sex can be a fantastic way to explore the layers of ecstatic embodiment. What I seek to unveil here is a higher-vibrational explanation of what it means to be in Ecstasy as individual spirits having a human experience. So, within the container of our own skin, what is ecstasy?

Let's start with what it's NOT. Pleasure seems nice. Mmm hmmm, maybe even yummy, right? Yet pleasure is what the ego seeks 3,214 times a day. Pleasure is the temporary blast of bliss from the ego's desire for instant gratification. Here's the problem with pleasure, though. That pint of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee Heath Bar Crunch that you eat gives you a few fleeting moments of pleasure ... and then what happens? That pleasure is either followed by remorse or guilt (I say let that shit go!) and more often than not, the ego is already tugging us in a different direction in order to find the next pleasure-trap. It's a yo-yo-ic cycle of seek and find, seek and find, seek and seek and seek some more.

You've heard of Someday Isle, right? It's a phenomenally beautiful island where everything is perfect, and all who go there end up lured by its promise of perfect peace. It goes like this: "Someday Isle be happy when I have the right partner. Someday Isle be happy when the right job comes along. Someday Isle feel great about who I am when I lose 28.6 pounds. Someday Isle be content when my kids behave how I want them to." You starting to get the idea? The snafu here on Someday Isle is that the promise of happiness comes only with the achieving of goals, and this keeps us from experiencing joy and peace (and ecstasy!) in the only moment that really matters ... which is NOW. Why wait for someday (which we ALL know isn't even a day of the week) to be ecstatic when ecstasy is already our true state of being?

The ego is on a relentless quest to stay in pleasure mode and it lures us into thinking that these little pop-rock blasts of happiness are the real deal. As though they're something that can sustains us. And herein lies the crux difference between pleasure and ecstasy. Ecstasy has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with Spirit! While the ego is busy chasing pleasures like a puppy chasing after a ball, Spirit is quietly abiding within and inviting us into its soft center. Ecstasy is a blissful state of beingness that is free from the instrument of the mind, free from the trappings of the ego. It is a pure- light, pure-love vibrational state that is independent of our identification with (s)elf and a coming to the vast center that is true (S)elf.

Ecstasy is an intoxication with life. To be in ecstasy is to literally be drunk on the divine nectar of what is sacred. Living in ecstasy is to live with an enflamed heart and an enchanted soul and an engorged rapture in gratitude for the gift of being alive in this world. Ecstasy is the undercurrent of life, it is the energy that pervades and supports ALL that we do and experience here. The ONLY thing we have to do is to sidestep the ego and drop in to what IS ... to slither into the juicy, warm current that is ecstatic bliss and simply BE. Ecstasy is a seduction of spirit. It is a love affair with your Self, a grand opportunity to be the sensual being that you are born to be! The invitation is to make erotic, exotic, hot and sweaty love to your life through your senses in every moment ... to have, in essence, spiritual climax after spiritual climax in the pith of your heart until ecstasy explodes you into what you know you already are!!!

I'll end with this: Ecstasy is indulgence in the succulence of life with awareness. Seek the innermost flowering of who you are. Allow a thousand buds of love to blossom within your chest until you are full of their heady fragrance, then seek to spread that beauty unto others. The truth is that the ego will die in despair, and the spirit will die in ecstasy. Why not LIVE in ecstasy as well?

All my Ecstatic Love...


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