Falling Apart = Freedom

Falling Apart = Freedom.jpg

Let yourself fall apart so that you can understand you were never really together in the first place.

Allow the threads of the tapestry you've woven to unravel, for in that unraveling is the freedom and liberation you seek. It takes so much energy to "hold it all together", and that is only a façade anyway.

Let life move you, move through you.

And relax, because nothing is under control! There is a raw and heart-wrenchingly beautiful grace in choosing to crumble.

Rumi said, "Be ground. Be crumbled so that wildflowers grow up from where you are. You've been stony for too long. do something different. Surrender."

Surrender. Soften. Allow life to make its magic love to you, to have its way with you, and say YES to it all.

Come apart at the seams in ecstatic joy, knowing that you are being unwrapped by the Beloved like the gift that you are.

Allow yourself to be stripped by these savvy hands, passionately and ferociously. Howl at the pain of it while you water your heart with your own tender tears. The removal of each wall, each barrier, each mask is an unveiling.

Can you see yourself as a great work of art, hiding from fear beneath a heavy cloak? And can you feel how exhilarating it is to have that cloak whisked away by the hands that know better?

Yes, you might feel naked and exposed once you are revealed.

There is no shame in your magnificence. Stand tall.

There is no shame in your radiance. Shine bright.

There is no shame in your brokenness. Own it.

There is no shame in your beauty. Be it. Life here on earth is naught but a birth.

We are born first into a physical body, and we spend the rest of our lives in a long and beautiful journey to give birth to our authentic Self. This birth is an unlearning, an undoing, an unraveling of all the conditioning and stories we accumulate along the way. It may not be easy, but it's worth it.

Peel it all off. Scrape with your fingernails if you must, but get all the way down to the roots, and you will discover that rock bottom is the foundation on which you can build the rest of your wild and precious life.

Happy travels, my friends!


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