Being Alive in this Earth Suit

Being Alive in This Earth Suit.jpg

Dear Goddess, I am so grateful for my Earth Suit.

I was sitting this afternoon on a favorite rock at the river. The solar prana was radiating loveliness on my very happy skin and the sound of the river soothed my soul. At one point, I sat up and, like I have done for the past 20 years, crossed my legs comfortably under me. In a flash of a moment, I was captured with the immensity of how amazing our bodies are.

Thank you for my beautiful legs that are strong and supple and carry me through this life and allow me to dance and walk and tiptoe and squat.

Thank you for the succulent grapes that are all 10 toes. They are a miracle unto themselves and give us balance and silly as it sounds, express the fullness of our inner being, right on out through each pinky toe.

Thank you for the miraculous inner workings of all my systems ... endocrine, hormonal, adrenal, cardiovascular, respiratory, they all work together is beyond my comprehension, and I am so so grateful that mine function as seamlessly as they do!

Thank you for all five wonderful senses ... sight gives us the gift of perceiving the world in a Kodachrome fashion, like a box of Crayola crayons that have melted from the beautiful heat of living to create a palette of richness; taste allows us to savor the flavor of the diversity with which we are surrounded; hearing shares with us the beauty of the vibratory world that touches our innermost experience of being alive, awakening us at our core; feeling allows us to be sensual creatures, experiencing our lives with distinct pleasure and ecstasy as we give and receive that which awakens us; and smell, which is a rocket-ship to the limbic or emotional brain and can take us home in a heartbeat.

Thank you for the skin that contains everything in this incredible package. It is a joy to be wrapped like a present in such a tender and tingly covering.

Thank you for the muscles that drive my momentum through each day and sustain the power necessary to move through the world in an embodied and empowered way.

Thank you for the blood that ushers nutrients and oxygen to every single cell in my body.

Thank you for the incredible machine that is my brain ... how it manages to function and think and do all the things it does is quite staggering.

Thank you for the chakra system, which is the main power supply for all these other systems. Thank you for the preciousness of breath, for without it, we would perish and so would all other senses and systems. I promise to cherish rather than perish!

And thank you, most importantly, for the beautiful beating of this organ called the heart. Physical like a lump of throbbing, animated clay, it is a miracle...and its miracle extends beyond its physical function. My heart is the core of my universe, and I thank you for letting it be the sweet epicenter of both my arms...for as I reach out to touch the world and the beautiful beings in it, each arm and hand is merely an extension of the energy in this magnificent, pulsing vortex.

Thank you, Goddess, for the sheer blessing of being alive, for the gift of embodied consciousness, and for the ability to love and love and love and love and love and love and love!

Wow. It is so good to be here...


Dolly KauppComment