Be Seen

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It seems that one of our greatest needs as a human being is to be seen.

There is a deep ache in the marrow of us that desires to be recognized in all our fullness ... to be witnessed as not only all the individual parts that make up the whole, but the whole itself.

We spend so much of our time trying to hide who we really are, then we are sad when people don't "see" us. I am coming to understand more and more that it is totally our responsibility to reveal ourselves in our entirety if we truly want for others to embrace who we are. We cannot continue to sweep the perceived unsavory facets of who we are under the rug of our awareness, then hope that we'll be recognized.

Ram Dass says that we spend most of our time assuring each other that our costumes of identity are put on properly (or something to that effect).

This mentality is propagated and championed in our society! It is one of fitting in to be liked and going with the momentum of the populous so as to not make waves. It is so exhausting to maintain these kinds of facades! Trust me ... I know ... because I spent most of my life doing just that. Maybe you have, too. To live in the light of our Soul-truth is a commitment to full-disclosure living.

And yes, it is terrifying sometimes.

It feels raggedly risky to expose our deepest soul pieces. To reveal the innermost self is like slowly ripping off an armor that, over decades of constant use, has literally grown into the mesh of skin and blood and bones of us. The raw, pink skin underneath is all nerve endings and unending questions.

Who will love me as I am? Who will be able to appreciate all that I am? Who will stand in the fire with me and not shrink back? Who will hold space for and with me as I navigate the labyrinth of my own uncertainties and indecision? Will I survive the fear? Will I be accepted?

Can I even accept myself?

This is one of the biggest questions. Can I accept myself? I do believe that once we are able to do that for ourselves, the rest is easy. True acceptance of Self means that we no longer need the approval of others in order to shine. It means that we live from a confidence that is unflappable and a knowingness that is unshakable.

This acceptance of Self is a process. Please be patient with your sweet Self. Give yourself all the unconditional love that you so crave from everyone else in your life. The gift of the process is in the delicate unfolding, like the slow and perfect blossoming of a fragile flower in a New York city sidewalk crack reaching for the sun.

Trust. Believe. Feel the desire for authenticity and give it space to breathe. Try it out when it's safe, then get really courageous and try it out when it's scary. The world needs your medicines and all that you have to offer. Your life here is a gift! And know that the deep longing to be "seen" is inherent to your birthright as a human being on this earth.

Unveil the True you, and watch as miracles abound!


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