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Sacred Awakening Gritty Goddess Primal Pilgrimage

Saturday, August 24th - Thursday, August 29th 2019

A women's retreat to Myrtle Creek in northern Idaho


 Sacred Awakening Gritty Goddess Primal Pilgrimage
A women's only backpacking retreat into the wilderness of northern Idaho to help you connect to the wild and primal ... in nature and more importantly, within yourself.

| Saturday, August 24th - Thursday, August 29th 2019 |


Are you a Gritty Goddess who...


... yearns to evolve in life beyond where you're at?

... desires to catalyze what is possible for you?

... wishes to fully embody your innate magnificence?

... intentions to create a life of joy and abundance?

... is ready to release the confines of past conditioning?

... believes that nature is our greatest teacher?

... is willing to step outside of your daily creature comforts for growth?

Then, this excursion might very well be for YOU!


Can you imagine backpacking in to a stunning and pristine high-mountain lake, camping for four nights in a mostly primitive way, and immersing yourself in three full days of shamanic and nature-based activities and adventures?

If your response is a big “hell YES”, then read on, dear sister!


The hike into this stunning setting is a full 5 miles and is uphill. THE. WHOLE. WAY. The trail is moderately challenging, with a number of small creek crossings and rocky terrain.

Please know that you can handle a hike of this magnitude (with the weight of backpacking gear)!
Before you sign up feel free to
call me if you have questions or concerns.


| 3 days of shamanic activities |

Once there, I will offer you three full days of shamanic activities that are too varied to list here (and, I'd rather you not know All The Things anyway).

Shamanic journeys, breath work, daily movement practices, creative endeavors, fireside circles, sacred ceremony, medicine wheel exploration, hiking, swimming, star gazing and sun bathing all await us.


The rate is $321 per person!

This rate includes:

  • Two dinners at my house (one before and one after our pilgrimage)

  • All activities and teachings while we're out in the wilderness

  • Any supplies needed for the creative endeavors

What you are responsible for is:

  • Transportation to and from my house in Naples, ID

  • All meals and food from Sun, Aug 25th through Thurs, Aug 29

  • All camping gear and equipment necessary for the trip

  • A bear canister for food, and bear spray (both required)

In case you don't have all the equipment you need, there is a wonderful company called Outdoors Geek that rents backpacking equipment for a ridiculously low price!


Things to note as you consider this journey…

This is a primitive pilgrimage and is meant to be! There are no toilets, no running water and no amenities! It's rough, it's raw and it's real!

Being in nature's back yard means we are in bear country (black and grizzly), as well as moose, caribou, elk, deer, wolf, cougar and other wonderful critters. We'll have an educational circle beforehand to discuss how to best stay out of their way and to have them leave us alone as well.

We'll do everything we can to minimize our impact on this precious and sacred place. It is so very, very special and magical!

This sacred and Primal Pilgrimage is limited to 6 women.


· Payment Section ·

Upon making your full payment of $321 you will receive your informational packet! I am so looking forward to being in circle and sacred space with you, dear beloved Gritty Goddesses!! A'ho! :D

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