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In the Sacred Awakening online shop, you’ll find many Shamanic tools and resources that can help you on the great journey of self-knowledge and self-love. You can also browse my handcrafted earrings, shakers, cleansing tools, or the woodworking art my husband Mark creates to spruce up any space! While all of these goods are crafted in Naples, ID I am happy to ship just about anywhere, and I hope you will enjoy these offerings!

Nature is my inspiration for everything! I emulate her grand designs and follow her shapes and promptings in my own art. Whenever it's remotely possible (and legal), I use the bits and bobs that I can gather from her playground, from bones and feathers to pieces of wood, teeth, moss, antlers, sap, pine cones and nests.

Everything that is gathered is done so with the highest reverence for the concept of reciprocity. It's always "give first, then take". Whether I'm providing tools for ceremonial use or ways to adorn the body or the home, it's all intended to bring the buyer joy and thereby enhance the quality of their lives!

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