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About Sacred Awakening

Based in Naples, ID & Connecting Throughout the Country


Ancient Practices for Modern Times

It can be hard to see or believe that you already hold every gift, power, and ability to know and love yourself to the fullest. If it were easy, it’s safe to say society might be pretty different, don’t you think?

Through Sacred Awakening, I have the true honor of helping people access their tools and inherently immense abilities with shamanic practice, breathwork, and ceremony. When I’m not journeying with you through the thick of our glorious being-ness, I enjoy putting my hands, mind, and heart into creating.

I love the joy of crafting earrings and drums and my wonderful husband uses his beautiful soul and powerful hands to create incredible and unique woodworking pieces.

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How the Sacred Awakened Me

My Journey to This Path


Being at a crossroads

I was seeking an understanding of how to shatter the old paradigms that enabled me to continue making the same decisions and attracting the same type of unhealthy situations. It is no surprise that a teacher dropped into my lap just when I needed them most.

After a deep dive into the teachings, ceremony and journeying of Shamanism for a number of years, I started to see and feel my own true nature.

I gained the tools necessary to release my old habit-patterned ways of being, which catalyzed me into living with unencumbered joy and limitless potential.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Shamanic Guide + Tools

For the first time in my life

I was attracting a very different quality of experience, and it was completely liberating. Once you experience this kind of signature, you simply know that you have to share it with others. So, I began incorporating these potent tools into the other work I already did, such as teaching yoga, training people to teach yoga, and doing massage. Like someone who just discovered their first taste of chocolate, I ran exuberantly into the world wanting to share this great gift of freedom and true self-love.


 I love working with all walks of life, with people that are willing to explore their fullest potential, with people ready to shed the layers of conditioning that have held them back from becoming THEM.


Dolly Kaupp, Certified Human Being

I always like people to know that I'm certified, and by that I mean I'm a certified Human Being. While I do have many pieces of training, certifications, and things of this nature under my belt, that’s where I’d prefer to leave them. I’m grateful for their foundational stability in what I create and share, but being a certified Human Being is all I’ve ever really striven for. Having emerged triumphantly through my own battles, I feel this is what truly enables me to embody compassion for the incredible, and sometimes difficult human experience.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Shamanic Guidance
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Finding my way through

to the other side of my battles (with help, of course) is what gave me tools to help mend the hoop of the people. After completing massage school in 1997, I was fortunate to provide massage for 21 years until lovingly and peacefully retiring that service in 2018. What a true honor to work with people and their beautiful, unique Earth Suits!

I started feeling the call to touch people beyond the physical and into the spiritual and energetic realms.

Since adding Shamanic Breathwork to my own practice and spiritual services in 2014, I have found it to be an amazing way to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual or emotional bodies. I've spent my whole life desiring to be of service to the greater good, and am grateful every single day to be doing what I love and helping others at the same time.



My work is a conduit for those who seek to awaken, for those who seek to truly live with full presence and joy - and unconditional love!


Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Custom Woodwork Murals

Mark Kaupp, Custom Woodworker

Hey, I’m Dolly’s husband Mark Kaupp! Woodworking has been one of my favorite creative outlets for as long as I can remember. It is so gratifying to take old pieces of scrap wood and turn them into murals that bring joy and beauty to a home.

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If you feel called to do so, please contact me for further information regarding my services and tools.

If you would rather keep reading to assess what is best for your path, please explore my blog for regular updates.


Big gratitude to my lovely friends Toni and Henry for taking such wonderful pictures. Thank you!!