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Welcome to Sacred Awakening

Shamanic Tools, Resources, Gifts & Ancient Practices for Modern Times

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Shamanic Counselor

My name is Dolly Kaupp

I am delighted you have found your way to this space. I hope my services, tools, resources, or gifts can help bring joy to your life! While I am based in Naples, ID I enjoy engaging with a nationwide community and love sharing and learning through these exchanges.

Shamanic practices help us “shed the shit” and guide us to reclaiming our true essence and authentic power.

It has always been one of my life’s passions to connect with people who are interested in awakening and experiencing personal transformation!

It is my mission to make comfortable those who might be intimidated or put off by stereotypes associated with shamanic practices, as they have forever changed my life for the better.

I am constantly steeped in gratitude for these teachings.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Shamanic Counseling

I aim to always meet people where they're at and alter every experience to go with the flow, allowing it all to be guided by spirit rather than my own ego's agenda.


Simply put,

I provide guidance through ancient practices, tools, and experiences to help modern-day travelers release their baggage and embrace their authentic being-ness. Totally simple, right? I joke here because I firmly and lovingly believe you have to find levity when you’re doing the incredible and challenging work of knowing yourself.

Whether you buy a single shamanic tool to help along your own personal journey, host one of my breathwork ceremonies or need more intensive counseling and guidance, I am incredibly honored to be of service.

Sacred Awakening, Naples, ID, Shamanic Journeying

Sacred Awakening's Tools & Services


Please take a look through my tools and services and reach out with any questions you may have - this is my favorite thing in the universe to discuss and share! If you wish to explore on your own, I encourage you to head to my blog and check back regularly - plenty of consistent updates are made!


· Upcoming Events With Sacred Awakening ·

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Join us in Machu Pichu February 2020…

Sacred Valley, Sacred Journey
A retreat to Peru and Machu Picchu with Dolly Kaupp

February 23rd through March 1st, 2020

You are invited to share in this life-altering experience in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. Sweetly situated in the Andean Highlands, the Sacred Valley is a magical vortex of ancient energy and is called by some “The Heart of Mother Earth”.